Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Movie

This movie is CUTE! We saw 'The Tooth Fairy' last night and the girls got a kick out of it! It’s very much in the mold of his other movie ‘The Game Plan’, but still worth watching. We could not stop laughing!!! Not to mention Dwayne Johnson is easy on the eyes. 

Of course, the down side to this movie was the girls asking if the tooth fairy is real or not. Every time they’ve lost a tooth, we’ve done the whole tooth fairy thing. There was a week in which Toria lost a couple of teeth and made bank; she kept on trying to loosen her other teeth on purpose all week. LOL! However, as the movie is quick to point out, you can’t crush kid’s dreams and beliefs. As with Santa, they’ll eventually figure out that the tooth fairy isn’t real and we’ve been going along with it because it’s fun. At least with my kids, cultivating their imagination is a good thing, I want them to be kids as long as possible and really believe anything is possible. Eventually reality will set in, but at least they’ll know how to think outside the box. Too bad tooth fairies aren’t real…I wouldn’t mind a hunk like that sneaking into my bedroom! ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Roscoe Jenkins

This is my baby Roscoe.  He's been with us for about 1-1/2 years and I have to say he's the funniest dog we've ever had!!!  He snores loudly, eats like he's starving, impossible to train, and has the cutest ugliest pug mug!  He's my surrogate little boy in a house full of girls and I have to say, he really is a momma's boy.  My brother has gotten into dog breeding and now Sergio (my hubby) wants to pimp out my!  Can you imagine that?  I love to dress up my Roscoe and everytime he mentions pimping him out, I totally picture him in a purple doggie pimp suit with a big ol' pimp hat!  I keep threatening Sergio that if he keeps it up, I'm going to make Mr. Jenkins a lil' pimp suit and advertise him like that.  I don't think we'll get too many hits!

Why am I sharing my ugly puggie with you?  Well, I'm working on pug wear and (hopefully soon) will have my Esty store up and running with my pug wear (along with other stuff).  I'll keep you guys updated.  Wish me luck!

p.s. If you're wondering about his name, well, the girls said he looks like Martin Lawrence.  They saw the cover to the DVD 'Welcome home Roscoe Jenkins' and said the bug-eyes are the

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Building a Habit

According to scientific researchers, it takes approximately 21 days to build a habit.  But, just in case, I'm going to work on building a habit in 30 days.  So far, I've cooked 3 dinners this week and I have to say, it really wasn't that hard, nor did it take long once everything was already planned.  I didn't have to rush out and get any missing ingredients or go through the drive-thru because I had nothing planned or ran out of time, it was actually pretty easy.  Of course, this is only day 3 of 30, but so far so good.

I thought I'd make this fun for the family as well, since usually the first thing out of their mouths are "what's for dinner and when do we eat?", so I'm making up cute little daily menus with rating numbers that they can circle to let me know if they liked the meal or not.  I figure the more I get them involved and make organizing this family fun, the easier it'll be to get them to go along with it all.  Below is a picture of tomorrow's menu which I think they'll get a kick out of! :)

Hopefully, this will make the process of picking new recipe "keepers" easier!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New year, new resolutions!

I’ve created a million resolutions over the years and have yet to complete one! From losing weight, to eating healthier, exercising, organizing, etc. So, this year I’m only going to resolve to commit to one thing.

I’ve been a subscriber to FlyLady for a while now and I’ve started the program over and over again. I have yet to perfect it, but I stick with it because it works. Basically what the website is, is an online organizational coach. With emails and print outs, it teaches you how to take baby steps to organize your life, house, etc. It’s really neat because it breaks down daunting tasks into little baby steps making your goals easier to achieve. For example, for the life of me I can’t seem to clean every part of the house everyday, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get that done, take/pick-up the kids from school, cook dinner, do laundry, etc. So what FlyLady does is break it down into doable steps. It’ll concentrate on one room of the house to be cleaned thoroughly (in baby steps) throughout the week, all while still cleaning (maintaining) the rest of the house clean. It even becomes fun, believe it or not.

What does that have to do with resolutions? Well, that’s my one resolution for the year, to Organize everything in my life (my house, my body, everything)! Small feat? Yeah right! Not with my life, but I’m determined to make it happen and with help from you guys, I’m sure I’ll get there! :)

Catching up...

Okay, so life caught up to me & I've been M.I.A., but I'm back and here's a quick synopsis of what my summer consisted of....

...I helped Sasha (my lil' bro's dog) deliver her puppies
...My baby Izzie started pre-school

... We had tons of fun at the L.A. County Fair

...A last minute mini-vacation in Las Vegas

...I played nurse to Toria and her two broken arms

Fall brought with it....

...Pumpkin hunting at Cal Poly

...Monster hunting at Disney's Halloween Haunt

...Izzie turned 5!

... and A quick visit with Santa during Christmas

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