Saturday, December 31, 2016

Disney Holidays

I have to say, one of the best things about being a Southern Californian is the close proximity to Disneyland. I admit, even if I didn’t have kids, we’d still go as often as possible. As annual passholders, we have some perks to the park that others don’t.  Such as a monthly payment plan (making it affordably easier to pay off), park hopping, discounts on dining and merchandise, not to mention occasional Disney exclusives.

The California Adventure park has been hosting it's Festival of Holidays event that started November 10, 2016 and ending , 2017 with a mixture of Latin flair and Disney magic. We’ve gone a few times since it started and have found something new each time.  I’m sure I’ll miss something, but below are a few of the additions we’ve enjoyed:
  • The nighttime World of Color water and light show in front of the boardwalk now boasts festive holiday colors and music.
  • Additional food and beverage kiosks have popped up all over with a delicious array of goodies, from warm tamales and sopes, pozole and ceviche, and  some southern comfort food like spicy chicken sausage and sweet potato pie. With pumpkin spice hot cocoa, fruit punch, and eggnog for the kiddies and beer and wine for the adults, there’s something for everyone!
  • They’ve kicked up the entertainment around the park, from a stilt circus, to live acapella singers, live bands, mariachi bands, and dancers.
  • Let’s not forget a festive corner to visit, chat, and take pictures with the jolly ol’ man in red, Santa!

One of the perks of being an annual passholder is a special corner with exclusive activities, such as coloring, making ornaments, and a special outdoor “photo booth”,  just to mention a few. Our kids are slightly older, so it didn’t hold their attention too much, but we did have a great time watching all the little kid’s faces light up by the Disney Christmas merriment in the air.

As much as I have loved the change in the Disney air for the Holidays, I’m ready for the new year and for things to go back to normal…..and smaller crowds.


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